Date: 01.06.2022

Please, read this document carefully and before you use the Guardian information system.


  1. These Terms and Conditions regulate the access to the Guardian information system (‘The System’) which is provided as a web service or through the Guardian mobile app.

  2. Terms with the following meanings are used in these Terms and Conditions:

    1. Provider – Andi Monitoring Ltd.;
    2. Visitor – any person who uses and has installed the mobile app and/or browses the website or the system, regardless if they are registered as a User or not.


  1. To use the GUARDIAN information system, the following conditions need to be met at the same time:

    1. To provide a device and Internet connection which allows you to use the System.
    2. To have an installed browser, in order to use the System as a web service;
    3. To install the mobile app, if are you going to use the System through a mobile device(which uses the Android or iOS operating systems). The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, App Store or elsewhere.
    4. To have an email address;
    5. To create your own account in the System, if you are eligible to do so.
  2. In order to use the System you must be at least 18 years old. By accessing the System you declare that you have reached that age.


  1. The Guardian information system allows free use of the following services:

    1. Browsing the website;
    2. Installing the mobile app:
  2. The customers of Andi Monitoring Ltd. which are a party to an agreement with Andi Monitoring Ltd. for monitoring of a video surveillance system, for security and alarm devices, or both, have access to at least the following services:

    1. Registering and updating an account in the System;
    2. Using the functionalities of the System.
  3. The services listed in Item 6 are provided according to the Terms and Conditions for Using the GUARDIAN Information System, which are part of the individual agreement with the customer.

  4. We provide the listed services in the languages in which the information system is available.

  1. All intellectual property rights over the Guardian information system are fully owned by Andi Monitoring Ltd.

  2. The visitor has the right to use the System only for the purpose of using the listed services. The visitor does not have the right to translate, copy, process or import other changes in the software of the System, nor to infringe in any way on the intellectually property rights over them.

  3. Such infringements will result in civil, administrative or criminal liability in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.


  1. The Guardian system is property of Andi Monitoring Ltd., UIC: 205637387, seat and registered office: Trud, Maritsa Municipality, Plovdiv Province, 16Б Karlovsko Shose Street.

  2. Contact info for Andi Monitoring Ltd. includes:

    1. Mailing address: Trud, Maritsa Municipality, Plovdiv Province, 16Б Karlovsko Shose Street
    2. Tel.: 0700 45 035
    3. E-mail: [email protected]